welcom to the nest..

so we’re back in ape town feeling rundown,tired,drunk,sober,sick with swine and feeling devine.Its a bitter sweet symphony and one of the thing that makes coming back 2 to the town you work in worth it,is meeting up with the friends that keep you on your tippy toes!reminding you that your not the only creative and that if you sleep someone els will make it happen and might even make it better!!One of those people is my hommie BAKA and his home is a nest of creativty with painted beer bottles,shoes,sketches,stickers,post ups and the newest mafura beats pumping on the speakers and his mission “paint or die”

baka5.jpg baka4.jpg baka2.jpg baka3.jpg baka1.jpg

Chek his blog zulu shokult.blogspot.com